About Us

MCC entered Construction Management years ago as an innovator in the industry. Unlike many firms that occasionally perform construction management, MCC’s sole business is construction management and administration. We pride ourselves on extensive estimating, review and management services for all our projects. Teaming with MCC puts our years of experience in your corner. Our qualifications and provided services are rarely matched by other firms.

MCC will assist you to determine an accurate Program Needs Analysis. MCC’s conceptual estimate based on space requirements allows Owner’s to consider alternate components and space revisions to control costs prior to the development of schematic documents. We consider this to be the most important time for the use of cost controls, as the opportunity for savings decreases quickly once schematics are developed.

MCC has extensive experience in soliciting Architects and can provide you with recommendations that ensure the most qualified services at the best price. We are there to assist the Architect of your choice in meeting the design and budget requirements by you the Owner.

MCC divides the project into smaller prime bid packages. By reducing the project into smaller contracts, the use of local contractors becomes possible through direct purchase of some materials. By hiring contractors directly you are able to eliminate the mark-up with the use of a single source General Contractor. The savings you will find through the use of Midwest Construction Consultants, is typically triple the fees that are charged.

At MCC, teamwork is something in which we take great pride in. With an expert team working in partnership with you, we bring effective solutions to the design and construction process, saving you time and money.